Eliminating Carbon Emissions in Maine and Beyond

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Home heating oil has come a long way in recent years, and it’s about to go even farther

From the ever-increasing prevalence of Bioheat® fuel to the up-and-coming innovation of EL, the State of Maine is well on its way to a carbon-neutral future.

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Propane: Energy Security and More


An ideal complement to wind and solar, propane serves as a resilient and secure backup source during power outages. Propane also..

  • eliminates concerns about local fuel supply.
  • is more than 90% efficient.
  • offers an ideal option for off-the-grid living.


Helpful Energy-Saving Tips


Maine Energy Facts is proud to provide you with useful tips that will lead to energy savings and, yes, lower bills. The tips cover..

  • saving energy in the winter.
  • cutting back on fuel consumption in the summer.
  • easy ways to lower your energy bills.