Heating Oil for Your Maine Home

Get to know oilheat and all it has to offer

Bioheat fuelAs a heating oil customer in the Pine Tree State, you’ll enjoy several benefits from your heating system and your overall choice to go with—or stick with—heating oil. Check in with your local dealer to learn more about the many reasons to fuel your home with heating oil.


From ultra-low-sulfur heating oil to actual Bioheat® fuel, heating oil is a clean and green option. This fuel does not explode and it doesn’t even burn until it reaches a temperature of 140°F, and even then, the temperature vaporizes the fuel. It’s also important to remember that modern-day heating systems are programmed to automatically shut off if a potential safety issue arises.

With efficiency ratings up to 95%, the most modern heating oil systems can save you up to 30% per year off your bills. And that’s not the only way to save. Heating oil prices in the United States have become much more manageable as domestic crude oil production has increased.

Heating Oil Tanks

The latest tanks have safe, secure features including wide handles, removable bases, a double-walled structure to prevent leakage and double-ring caps to eliminate odor when they’re being filled up. They weigh up to 50% less than older models and fill-ups are made easier with the latest unique expansion system. Local dealers often install both aboveground and underground tanks, and many do both sales and leasing.

Heating Oil Prices

There are a number of reasons why the price of heating oil fluctuates, and many of them have to do with crude oil production and the impact of supply-and-demand in the industry. Learn more!

Upgrade Your System

When your heating oil system is ready to replace, you can cut fuel costs with a new, high-efficiency unit. The quieter system will keep you more comfortable and you’ll be cutting greenhouse gas emissions as well. Learn more!

When you replace a boiler or furnace that has failed, you’ll have the opportunity to take your home’s water output into consideration, and you’ll be increasing the resale value of your home.

Find out more about how local oilheat dealers provide Maine homeowners with the best possible home comfort experience throughout the year.