Do Nothing,
Get Clean.

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Want cleaner, more efficient heating oil?


This winter will be easier on the environment, and your budget – as long as you do nothing. Because every gallon of heating oil delivered in Maine will be new, ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO).




ULSHO is the cleanest heating oil ever produced, emitting almost zero particulates




Cuts sulfur dioxide emissions by 99 percent and nitrous oxide emissions by 10 percent – the equivalent of natural gas*

sulfur dioxide down 99%, nitrous oxide down 10%




Burns more efficiently, leading to lower heating bills


Less soot and ash.



Produces 90 percent less ash and 40 times less soot, for longer equipment life


Requires no modification to existing heating systems, but gives consumers the option to install super-efficient heating systems previously unavailable

Dog licking mans face


So if you want this coming winter to be easier,
just take it easy.

Maybe in a hammock with some iced tea.
Ooh, you could take a nap! Naps are the best.


Learn more about ULSHO

or call your local oil company.


* According to research conducted at Brookhaven National Laboratory